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Floating in the sea magic railroad

If you are a traveler meet in religious tourism to bring you cultivate the spirit, then, Tamil Nadu Rameswaram will be your “India must visit” list of indispensable names. Moreover, to the temple town of Rameswaram railway line allow to become India’s only able to provide you with a lifetime of travel, bearing in mind the experience of the place.

2016-01-09_163030When the train connecting India from the mainland and the island of Rameswaram class railway bridge before slowly row passenger in the car was passing in front of the bridge will be fascinated with sea views. And when the train runs through the center of the bridge, boats from this boom slowly passing under the railway bridge piers built in 1941, the bitterness, I believe we will make you move.

2016-01-09_163117If you come here to travel, even if you are not the most sincere believers in the sea outside the temple of Rameswaram in the “holy dip” and in 22 Quan in the “holy bath” is also a good experience. Pull Temple has the world’s longest corridor, a total of a column from the 1212 composition. Rameswaram had a lot of temples and pilgrimage, according to legend, these were the king Rama Sita back from Sri Lanka about the stone bridge built across the sea.


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