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Photomyne App Simplifies Turning Old Photos into Digital

Apps that scan old photos are nothing new, but one stands out for its time-saving features. , unlike other scanning apps, scans entire album pages at once, automatically separating each image into individual prints.

The startup is less than a year old, but recently secured $2.6 million in seed funding and already has almost a million users – and over half of those users are using paid versions.

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Along with automatically cropping an album page down the individual photos, the app also restores the images’ colors. That turns the tedious task of scanning in individual photos into a much faster process.

Of course, scanning an entire album page in one shot will give you lower resolution, since you’re cropping one image down to several. But the idea behind the app is to scan old photos quickly, and based on the number of growing users, does well at that.

Besides the faster scanning, the app lets users share faster, too, with direct sharing to several social media networks. If you add a date for the photos, either individually or for entire albums, a Facebook Timeline integration will share the images on user’s timelines for that corresponding date – so those old photos can pop up in Facebook Memories.

Manual editing options are available within the app, for users who want more control over the automated process. Photomyne is expected to update the app with a cloud backup feature in the next few weeks.

Unlike some other scanning apps though, Photomyne is not entirely free. There is a no-fee version, but you’ll need the in-app purchases to actually save files. The app is available for  for $5 for a basic version, or $12 annually for premium features, including sending your photos to your computer. According to the company, an Android version is also in the works.

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