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BabyBit Monitor Keeps Helicopter Parents On the Ground

Parents, you’ll probably never stop worrying about your child — whether they’re babies or having babies of their own, there’s always cause for concern. But for new moms and dads, a high-tech baby may just be able to provide at least the semblance of peace of mind.

Meet , the 21st-century baby designed “with working parents in mind.” Adopting the wearable tech trend, this comes in the form of a tiny wearable sensor that snaps onto your little one’s clothes. From there, parents and other caregivers can be notified as to their baby’s status by way of the companion app, receiving notifications throughout the day on vital information.

Currently listed at the super early bird price of $99 on Indiegogo, the keeps parents in the know without turning them into helicopters. Instead, the wearable gives parents vital information without inundating them with data — you can set how often you want to be notified about your child’s status, or create alerts so you’re made aware when something potentially alarming is happening. That means that you won’t be calling your babysitter every two minutes to find out what’s happening, nor will you have to wait hours to be notified of what’s going on with your baby.

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“For example, when grandma picks up the baby from day care, mom gets a notification,” the BabyBit team explains. “We felt that telling mom every time the baby cries undercuts the caregiver and creates tension. Instead, mom sets the amount of time she wants to give the caregiver to attend to the baby and BabyBit only notifies her when that time is exceeded and she would want to get involved.”

Ultimately, this new age monitor is meant to serve as “a toll that provides insightful, actionable information, to both parent and caregiver so they can work together to keep baby safe and happy.” Thus far, BabyBit has raised $13,461 of its $50,000 goal from 53 backers, with a month left to go in its campaign. So if you’re looking for a high-tech solution to parenting, BabyBit might be an answer. 

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