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7.8-Inch Kobo Ebook Reader Spotted In FCC Listing

Amazon isn’t the only company in the game. You might (or might not) remember a company called , which has released a few readers over the past few years, however we haven’t really heard from it since April of 2015. Well, turns out is still alive and well, and is preparing to release its latest device.

The new ebook reader is called the One, according to details spotted by Mobile Scout in an FCC listing. The listing suggest the  One will be available in 7.8- and 6- variants.

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The fact that the device has been spotted in an FCC listing means that it’s probably getting pretty close to a release. There aren’t really any specs known about the device beyond that it supports 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and has a microUSB port.

Of course, the listing only covers the 7.8- device, however reports indicate that a 6- device is in the works too. If accurate, this means that Kobo is likely looking to refresh its entire lineup, offering a flagship device and a more cost-effective yet smaller model.

It makes sense that Kobo would be looking to release more devices. Many have forgotten about the company, which was in its prime before 2013, and since then hasn’t really made many headlines.

Whether Kobo’s new devices can sell in any notable fashion, however, remains to be seen. The ebook market is dominated by Amazon, and Kobo will have to offer something exceptional to persuade customers to choose a Kobo device over a Kindle. Still, the Kindle is tied pretty closely to Amazon’s ecosystem, so those who prefer getting their ebooks elsewhere may want to opt for something else. We’ll have to wait and see how Kobo plans on convincing people to become customers.

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