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MAGIX Camera MX 4 Brings Live Shots to Android

Earlier this month, Berlin-based software company released version 4 of its app for Android devices. The app offers an all-in-one solution for shooting, editing, and sharing both stills and videos. The latest version also brings Apple Live Photos-style image capture to Android, a first for the . A host of real-time filters and other features were also added with the update.

The app’s new key feature is Live Shots, which continually buffers images before the shutter button is pressed. This allows users to “rewind” up to three seconds from when the picture was taken in the event the perfect moment was missed. Live Shots can also be saved as a still image, a video file, or even a GIF, which can all be shared directly to social media.

includes more than 20 filters and three packages that can be applied in real time to both stills and videos. Users can preview before or while recording, and still change them effortlessly after the fact.

The packages split filters into categories, with the Iconic Line including those that use abstract colors and shapes to reduce a photograph to its essential details. Fun Mirrors offers a collection of special that twist, turn, and distort images, while Summer Shore filters work within a warm color spectrum to tone photos to match the season.

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Camera MX is built with ease of use and fast operation in mind, making it a popular choice for all walks of mobile photographer. The app has been downloadDownload Abalone Free V1.13 APKed more than 10 million times and has 1.3 million active users spread across 100 countries. It is free to install and use, and is available now from the Google Play store.

For more information, head to Camera MX website.

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