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T-Mobile Offers Free Calls, Texts, Data in Brazil for Olympics

The Summer Olympics are just around the corner, and for an event that only happens every four years, T- is pulling out all the stops. On Thursday, the Un-carrier announced that it would grant customers “ unlimited high-speed data throughout Brazil” starting August 1, so those who are making the trek to Rio will be able to capture and share every moment of their vacation with their smartphones. Moreover, T- says, “ within Brazil and back home to the U.S. are — as is texting worldwide.”

“AT&T is spending millions to put their logo all over the as the official sponsor. They introduced a new ‘Brazil plan’ last month, so their customers can foot the bill for AT&T’s VIP parties and private suites in Rio,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-. “That couldn’t be more different from the Un-carrier. T- is freeing customers to travel to the Rio and use their phones without worry.”

While most cell service providers impose a cost associated with these types of promotions, T-Mobile promises that the Brazil deal is 100-percent free — you’ll get it automatically as soon as you land in Rio.

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Moreover, as a reward for being related to some of the world’s greatest athletes, families of U.S. Olympic competitors will receive free T-Mobile service and a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Gear 360 camera through October, because you’re definitely going to want to take pictures of your cousin in the pool (both Olympic-sized and the one in your hotel, right?).

“If a member of your family qualifies for the biggest global sporting event on the planet, your damn phone bill is the last thing you want to worry about,” said Legere. “We’re going to make it simple for our customers — and families of the U.S. team — to enjoy the games, stay connected and share every historic moment with those they care about.”

For more information, check out this site, and to get two free smartphones per Olympic athlete, reach out to T-Mobile here.

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