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Here Are All the Moto Mods Compatible with the Moto Z

One of the coolest features of ’s forthcoming  Z is its module accessories called . The peripheral devices will add style and expanded functionality to your phone — be it for entertainment, productivity, or aesthetic expression. The Moto work through the magical power of magnets. Each mod has integrated magnets that will securely attach to the back of your phone. assures us that the magnets are strong enough to stay on, but that you can also quickly swap out one mod for another on the . So far, there are been four Moto announced for the Moto Z, and each one is unique. Check out all four below.

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As the exclusive carrier for the Moto Z and Z Force, Verizon has a promo running until July 27, so when you buy one Moto Mod, you get a second one 40 percent off.

Instashare Projector ($300)

The name says it all. The Instashare Projector mod will turn your phone into a portable projector, which is perfect for showcasing your pictures, videos, and other content with friends, family, and the like. The mod can project on any flat surface, quickly transforming it into a 70-inch screen when need be. The integrated kickstand also add a fair amount of flexibility and stability, so you can project your content at any angle. It’s available for $300. Read more here.

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Multiple Power Packs ($60-90)

The Incipio OFFGRID Power mod provides extended  life — 22 hours of extended  life, to be exact. You can even eke out a few more precious hours using the mod’s Efficiency Mode, which enables the to automatically charge at the most opportune times for up to 20 percent more life. The mod boasts wireless charging, too, making the process of juicing up quick and simple. Two other versions — the Kate Spade New York Power and TUMI Power — are also available for those seeking a different look. Prices range between $60 and $90 dollars, depending on the model. Read more here.

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JBL SoundBoost ($80)

Slap this on the back of your Moto Z, and suddenly you’ve got a mini stereo equipped with high-quality JBL sound. Unlike most external speakers and sound boosting peripherals, the JBL SoundBoost mod works immediately after you attach it. No pairing necessary. Plus, like the aforementioned Instashare Projector, it features a built-in kickstand for quick setup. Don’t worry about dipping into your battery life to power the speakers either, as the mod has its own dedicated battery that can power itself for up to 10 hours. It retails for $80. Read more here.

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Style Mods ($15-$25)

No mod would be complete without a host of style mods to snap onto your Moto Z. The Style Shell mods come in a variety of colors (black, gray, red, etc.), styles (stripes, solid colors, etc.), and materials (wood, leather, fabric, etc.), giving you the ability to customize your phone’s look whenever you’d like. And every design has a version with wireless Qi and PMA charging docks. The decorative style shells start at $15, while the nylon fabric and wood versions start at $20. You’ll have to shell out a bit more for the leather covers — they’re $25. Read more here.

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These are all the Moto mods showed off at Tech World, but we expect to see more in the future. We’ll update this piece with new mods, as they arrive. In the meantime, read our review and join the movement to #FreeTheMotoZ from its exclusive agreement with Verizon.

Originally published on 07-18-2016. Updated on 07-21-2016 by Kyle Wiggers: Added individual Mod pricing details. 

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