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LG Is Prepping A Foldable Phone For Release Next Year

Looks like Samsung may not be the first to come out with a flexible phone after all — or at least not the only one to do so. According to recent reports, is preparing to commercially release devices with flexible displays as early as next year.

Of course, the company is no stranger to the flexible — we’ve seen plenty of flexible prototypes from the company over the past few years, and while certainly not ready for consumer devices, they have been getting better. Now, however, it seems as though the company is ready to take things to the next level.

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In fact, the firm has reportedly started outfitting one of its factories with the tools needed to mass produce flexible displays, and has completed much of the research required to mass produce a flexible-display device. has also signed contracts with Ignis Innovation, a Canadian company that builds flexible circuits.

Ignis’ tech addresses a number of problems often associated with displays. The technology uses both hardware and software charged with constantly monitoring the pixels, ensuring that they’re rendering the right images, no matter what position the flexible circuits are in. The company has filed hundreds of patents for its related tech, and is apparently the only firm to have come up with a solution — which would make sense considering how eager LG seems to be to work with the company. Even more interesting is the fact that Ignis’ contract is non-exclusive, meaning that if the tech proves itself, it could end up with plenty more customers.

As mentioned, LG isn’t the only one developing devices. Samsung is also reported to be working on a phone, to be released sometime in 2017. Next year is shaping up to be a very interesting one for new technology.

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