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We Want One Of These Sweet Olympic Apple Watch Bands

The Olympics always presents plenty of opportunities for themed merchandise, and is the latest tech company to come up with a related product. It will release special, limited edition straps for the Watch, all in designs inspired by the national flags of countries competing in the .

Based on the new Nylon Watch bands introduced earlier this year, isn’t pushing things with the price, and has set them at the same, reasonable $50 as the regular versions. However, there is a slight catch. The only place they seem to be sold at the moment is at the Store in Barra de Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. That’s good news if you’re going to the , but not so good if you’re supporting your country from afar.

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There are 14 different versions available, according to GQ magazine, including ones based on the American, British, French, Japanese, Jamaican, and obviously the Brazilian flags. There’s also evidence Apple is handing the bands out to athletes ahead of the public release in August, as U.S. sprinter Trayvon Bromell has already tweeted a picture showing his Apple Watch complete with a Team USA strap attached.

Apple has released limited and special edition Watch bands before. Most recently, it produced a rainbow-themed strap for the 30th anniversary of the Pride Parade, and distributed them as gifts. Apple also makes a Product Red band to support the charity of the same name, and has a Watch band partnership with fashion house Hermès.

If you’re going to Rio for the Olympics, and wear an Apple Watch, then it’ll be tempting to pick up one (or more) of these commemorative straps. Those who aren’t attending the Games will probably have to scour eBay for their choice, and be prepared to pay more than the $50 asking price. Unless a friend who is going can be persuaded to pop into the Apple Store before heading home.

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