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Here Maps Rebrands as HERE WeGo

Helping you get from here to there is a familiar app with a new name. Meet Here , formerly known as Here, a navigation app whose “major revisions” promise “improvements to functionality and design,” helping you find your way easier than ever before.

As soon as you open Here , you’ll be instantly greeted by a “Where to?” instruction in the app’s search box. Once you input a destination, you’ll be able to select a mode of transportation. This, the app’s team notes, eliminates the the extra click on the “find a route” icon that was once located at the bottom of your phone screen.

There’s also a new Route Comparison screen, where you can take a closer look at different transportation options. In addition to existing car, public transportation, cycling, and walking routes, you’ll also be able to check out the app’s new partnership with car-sharing company Car2Go. Thanks to this latest integration, you’ll be able to see where the company’s nearest available rental car is, how much it would cost to use said car to get to your final destination, the fuel level, and further details about the vehicle. And if you decide you like what you see, you can reserve a car on the spot.

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That’s not the only thing you can do from within the app — in a number of cities, you can use Here WeGo to call a taxi after assessing approximate fare and wait time. And if that function isn’t available in your city quite yet, don’t worry — the app says that it’ll be “adding taxi information for more cities and more car sharing services over coming months.”

Finally, Here WeGo has improved its bicycle routing features by adding elevation profiles. That means that you can actually tell ahead of time how difficult a bike trek will be, and make a more strategic decision when it comes to how you’re going to make your journey.

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