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The 6 Best Interior Design Apps and Services

designer might sound like a job ready-made for a rom-com heroine, but it’s a profession you can earn credentials for and that is a crucial part of building a new home.

Designers help pick palettes, create layouts, and find furniture for existing homes — and their help comes at a price. Hourly rates can range anywhere from $50 to $500, according to home renovation site Houzz. On top of that, some designers use their discounts in their own favor, charging you the retail price and keeping the extra for themselves. Some won’t even take a project if the budget isn’t substantial enough.

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But if the thought of trying to re-create a living room from your Pinterest board on your own is too daunting, there are quite a few sites that will charge you a flat fee to your room for you. Some will even pass on the discounted rate from manufacturers on to you. Whether you want your room to be contemporary, , or industrial, these can help you find a rug that ties the room together and fits into your budget.

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