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Honor 6X: News, Rumors, Features

There’s another smartphone coming soon, and it’s likely to be named the 6X, according to a new filing on the Chinese TENAA regulatory board website. All smartphones launched in China are checked out by TENAA prior to announcement, which suggests it may not be long before the phone is made official.

, which is a technology-sharing spin-off brand of Huawei, has launched several exciting phones this year, including the 5C and the more recent 8. The 6X may be a sequel to the 5X, and share some of the that make the 8 such a winner. Although few specs have been revealed, a picture of the phone shows it has a rear mounted fingerprint sensor and a double-lens camera.

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The Honor 8 uses the same dual-lens camera as the Huawei P9, but without all the Leica goodness, and we may see the same on the Honor 6X. This will also let the Honor 6X challenge the Xiaomi Redmi Pro in China, and capitalize on interest in dual camera technology thanks to the iPhone 7 Plus’s announcement.

The Honor 5X, which the Honor 6X may replace, is competitively priced at $200, meaning the new phone could be a serious bargain for camera fans. Examining the images further, the side view shows a slight camera bump to house the lenses.

Honor will install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on the Honor 6X, the phone will have a dual-SIM configuration, and connect to 4G LTE networks. Although we don’t know the technical aspects of the phone yet, it may closely follow the Honor 5X, therefore have a 5.5-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, and a recent Snapdragon processor. Potentially, it may use the new Snapdragon 625 seen in Huawei’s new Nova mid-range phones.

While the TENAA listing makes a Chinese launch most likely, Honor sells its devices internationally through online stores, making it a strong possibility the Honor 6X will get a global in the future, but it often changes the name in these situaitons. We’ll keep you updated with all the and rumors regarding the Honor 6X here.

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