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FBI Sued Over San Bernardino iPhone Exploit

It looks like the vs. case may not be completely over just yet. A group of news organizations have filed a freedom of information against the , aiming to compel the bureau to hand over the information of how it was able to hack the iPhone 5C used in the Bernardino case, as well as who hacked it.

The group includes the likes of The Associated Press, Vice Media, and Gannett, which is the parent company of USA Today.

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“The FBI’s purchase of the technology — and its subsequent verification that it had successfully obtained the data that it was seeking thanks to that technology — confirmed that a serious undisclosed security vulnerability existed in one of the most popular consumer products in the world,” the filing says.

The case certainly is an interesting one. After the Bernardino shooting, the FBI demanding that  create a custom software to hack into the iPhone itself. declined, saying that doing so would set a bad precedent for future cases. The FBI then took matters into its own hands and dropped the case against .

The news organizations involved in this new suit claim that it’s important that Apple is told how the hack was accomplished so that it can fix the flaw and prevent millions of iPhone owners from being vulnerable to hacks themselves. Not only that, but the group also claimed that the situation brings up questions about the allocation of public funds as well as governmental oversight issues. Finally, the suit suggests there’s no legal basis for the FBI to hold on to the information.

It remains to be seen how the case plays out over the next few months. However, if history is any indicator, the FBI won’t end up having to disclose any information.

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