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New Star Wars App Turns Your Action Figures Into Movie Stars

Action figures have never just been about little plastic figurines — they have been about the imagination behind them and about how they can be brought to life. Well, now there’s a new way to bring action figures to life with Hasbro’s new app.

The Studio FX app will be released to coincide with the action figures for the upcoming film Rogue One: A Story. But what does it let you do? For starters, you can create your own film clips, which use special visual effects to help make the action figures move on the screen. There are 30 figurines included in the app, such as the X-Wing, which swoops down to attack, and R2-D2, who scuttles along in classic fashion.

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The app is largely designed to work with Hasbro’s Rogue One toys, but thankfully you don’t have to shell out the cash for all the toys to use the app. Of course, you might want to buy at least a few — you will unlock new shots through a QR on each toy that you buy. You can also buy additional effects with an in-game currency that you earn through creating movies. You will not have to buy in-game currency with real money, which means kids cannot accidentally spend hundreds of dollars on your credit card.

Overall, it seems like a way to incorporate action figures into the digital age — but hopefully apps will not totally replace good, ol’ fashioned imagination.

The new Star Wars figurines will be available for purchase on September 30 and the Studio FX app will be available for both Android and iOS later in September.

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