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Lenovo Moto M News, Rumors, and More

Looks like the Z isn’t the only new addition to ’s lineup that we’ll be getting this year. of a new device, called the Moto M, have started circulating.

But what will the new Moto M look like? And how will it perform? Here’s everything we know about the Moto M so far.

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Under the hood

A recent image leak from TechDroider some of the specs we had already heard about, but also gives us some new insight. According to the leak, the display on the phone will have a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, along with 32GB of storage. Interestingly enough, the leak shows a phone with 4GB of RAM, which is 1GB more than detailed in previous leaks.

A leak from GFXBench, for example, shows that the phone will have an octa-core MediaTek M6750, which will be coupled with 3GB of RAM. The leaked phone had 32GB of storage, but we’ll most likely see a number of options for storage when the phone is finally released. The rear-facing camera on the phone will be a 16MP shooter capable of filming video at 4K. The front-facing camera will be 7MP, which is better than many devices out there. The phone will ship with Android 6.0.

Unfortunately, it does not seem as though the device will come with NFC, so if you’re trying to replace your wallet with your phone, you may want to think twice about the Moto M.

Of course, the leak doesn’t offer any information about the phone’s price or release date, however, we’re seeing more and more leaks of the phone, suggesting that it could be released soon.

Not only is there a new model being added to the lineup of Moto phones, but according to sources for hellomotoHK, there actually will not be any Moto X this year — contrary to previous reports indicating that there would be.


We’ve finally got a first look at the design of the upcoming Moto M, showing a look that’s much more in line with last year’s Moto X than the new Moto Z. The device features a vertical camera module along with a fingerprint sensor on the back. The images were leaked through China’s regulatory certification, and were then posted to Chinese social media site Weibo.

Will the screen be 5.5 inches?

Most recent reports indicate that the screen size for the phone will be 5.5 inches after all, despite recent reports indicating that the size will be a smaller 4.6-inches. The screen size was leaked through China’s Tenaa regulatory certification, showing that the device will have a 5.5 inch display.

Still, it certainly is interesting that we previously saw leaks showing a device with a more modest 4.6-inch display. Is it possible that we’ll see a standard Moto M and a larger Moto M Plus? The leak showing the phone with a 4.6-inch display came from specs spotted on GFXBench, which also showed that the phone would have the model number XT1663. If the leak is accurate, the phone will have a HD display, which actually isn’t that bad for a phone of this size.

Updated on 09-22-2016 by Christian de Looper: Added image leak detailing some specs.

Updated on 08-30-2016 by Christian de Looper: Added leaked image and additional information about specs.

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