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LG Ditches G6 Curved Display Plans, According To Reports

While there have been plenty of smartphone rumors over the past few months, we have not heard much about the G6. That does not mean that the company is not making it, however.

One that has recently popped up hints at a feature that the G6 might be losing, rather than gaining, the  . The , from Korean website ChosunBiz, suggests while some previous rumors hinted at a for the new phone, cannot keep up with demand for such a phone and can really only build displays for the Apple Watch and ’s own smartwatches at this point. What that means is that the G6 will most likely feature the same flat display found on the G5.

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The G6 was also rumored to feature a new wireless charging feature, however ChosunBiz also reports that also will not make the cut into the final version of the device. The wireless charging system could reportedly charge the phone from as far away as 7cm, but it will not be ready in time for the launch of the G6. According to the report, it is being targeted for the launch of the G7.

Last but not least, it was reported LG was planning a new all-metal design instead of the plastic of previous G-series phones, however the report indicates that will not be happening either.

In the end, the G6 is not shaping up to be that innovative — the G7, on the other hand, may end up being one of the company’s best phones yet, especially if it incorporates all the features that are set to be missing from the G6. Still, none of the features rumored for the G6 were ever confirmed, so it still remains to be seen what the G6, or G7, end up looking like.

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