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Google Cast Is Being Rebranded as Google Home

is getting a rebrand. While the Chromecast first introduced us to the idea of casting, the concept has evolved with devices like Chromecast Audio and the ability to things to speakers and other devices. Now, is rebranding the app to be more inclusive of everything the app can do. The new name? Google .

The rebrand certainly makes sense, especially with the advent of the Google Home device, which was launched at Google’s event on Tuesday, and offers some of the same features as other Google devices.

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This wasn’t exactly a big surprise — the latest Chromecast firmware already started referring to the app as Google Home. Now, it’s likely that the app will get a new interface enabling it to control other aspects of the smart home, as well as the new Google Home smart speaker, which was announced at Google’s event on Tuesday.

It’s important to note that the concept of “casting” isn’t going away. While the Google Cast app will be rebranded, you’ll still use the casting technology to beam information to a device like the Chromecast or a home speaker. For example, you might find that a TV will be “cast-compatible.”

Given the name change, Google will hopefully continue to work toward making the app a real hub for the smart home, perhaps by  incorporating other devices that may not be cast-compatible, like smart light bulbs, and including home automation. In fact, it would be great to see a Google-built alternative to apps like Yonomi, which automate the smart home and smart home devices.

If the Cast app hasn’t been renamed on your device yet, it probably will be in the next few weeks. Right now, there aren’t any real changes to how the app actually works.

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