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Verizon Adds 5GB And 10GB Prepaid Plans

is making a few changes to its prepaid plans in an attempt to compete with its rivals. Most notably, the company is adding two new plans to its prepaid offerings, one that gives customers 5 of data and another that offers 10.

The new plans will be available starting November 13, and they’ll cost $50 for the 5 plan and $70 for the 10 plan. Both include many of the same features, but the more expensive plan offers unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada.

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Of course, these plans aren’t the only ones available from Verizon, which also offers 6GB of data for $60 per month, as well as 3GB for $45 per month. There’s also a $30 per month Wi-Fi-only option.

“People who choose Verizon’s prepaid service already enjoy the best value in the industry,” said Verizon vice president of consumer pricing for Verizon. “The introduction of these new plans now gives you even more data to enjoy all that the next-gen network has to offer.”

Consumers are increasingly turning to prepaid options over postpaid plans because it gives them a lot more flexibility to change plans or switch to another carrier if they so choose. While at one time you would have had to buy a phone outright to use on a prepaid plan, these days most carriers offer phone financing — so while you may not be locked into a contract with the company, you will have to pay off your phone before you can leave the carrier.

You can also use a range of different handsets with Verizon’s prepaid plans, as long as they’re compatible with Verizon’s network. Those include the new Google Pixel, and the Moto Z, both of which were exclusive to Verizon when they were launched.

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