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Minecraft Pocket to Get Extras to Celebrate Ender 1.0

It’s been five years since a lone coder brought the basics of on mobile to life in Edition, so it seems like poetic justice that in just a short while Mojang will be sending version 1.0 live, bringing with it a bunch of hotly requested features. To celebrate, there’s even a few fun extra features being added, including the original music!

Although is a game that has crossed just about every hardware and software barrier there is, becoming one of the most widely played across almost all platforms, that has meant that there are some versions that are more feature- than others. Edition is one that has always lagged behind, but soon it will hit the 1.0 mark that the original version reached in 2011, and will ditch the beta moniker for good.

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While it might be a few years behind, this still marks a big milestone for Pocket. To celebrate, along with adding The End, the Ender Dragon, Shulker mobs and the Elytra glider, Mojang is introducing polar bears and igloos, a new world height of 256 blocks, the original Minecraft soundtrack, and a new World Seed Library to make finding specific worlds easier.

In addition to all of this, the Windows 10 edition of the game will be adding Oculus Touch support, so if you play in reality with a gamepad right now, you’ll soon be able to switch that out for motion controllers, which should add a whole new layer of immersion.

That goes doubly so for those jumping through the End Gateway Portal into the dark unknown for the first time. Beyond lie monsters, a dragon, fathomless caverns and floating cities, all of which must be explored and fought through. Fortunately you’ll have the original Minecraft soundtrack to get you pumped up for it all.

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