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Make Indoor Biking Feel More Natural with Kurt Kinetic

is a great form of exercise, but sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. The obvious choice is using an trainer, but these often stiff and unnatural. With Kurt Kinetic, bicyclists can bring that natural indoors.

What sets Kurt Kinetic’s Rock and Roll trainer apart is the flexible joint that connects the trainer to its base. The flexibility allows the bike to rock back and forth. It’s a simple addition, but the natural sway makes a big difference in the workout.

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Like many other high-end trainers, you can connect the Rock and Roll to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. This allows you to gather real-time data about your session. Resistance can also be adjusted on the or with preset training sessions. By combining the flexible joint with varying resistance, the Rock and Roll trainer offers the most natural and satisfying workout you can get on a bike.

No matter how good a trainer feels, the workout can easily be soured by a bad fitness app. Luckily, the Kurt Kinetic app (available for iOS and Android) is built with simplicity in mind. No one wants to fuss around with menus during a routine, so all the numbers you need are neatly displayed for you. They also understand that people don’t like change. For this reason, the Rock and Roll won’t be limited to their native app. Instead, third-party apps like Zwift or TrainerRoad will work just as well.

A good bicycle trainer isn’t something that you upgrade every year. Once you find one you like, you’ll stick with it for awhile. The Rock and Roll trainer is built to last a few generations of bikes. Whether you use quick release or through axles, this trainer will be ready for it. Currently, Kurt Kinetic is sold out of the Rock and Roll Trainer on their website. They are still available over on Amazon starting at $549.

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