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Runkeeper Apple Watch App Now Supports GPS

Perhaps the biggest update to the for Series 2 was that it gained GPS tracking, essentially meaning that you no longer necessarily need to pair it with your phone for mapping your runs and other location-based activities. It looks like is now taking advantage of that change — the app has been updated to use the ’s GPS, offering more comprehensive stats and a detailed map you can later check out on your phone.

You’ll now also be able to use a customizable activity screen on the Apple Watch that allows you to choose what you want to see on the screen when you’re working out — all without needing to take your phone with you on your runs and workout sessions.

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There are a few interesting ways that you can customize the Runkeeper activity screen, including by adding a new heart rate graph that gives you a quick look at your beats per minute (BPM) over the preceding five minutes. You can also use the target pace graph, which shows your run compared to your speed goal, which you will have entered into the app before you started.

The app is also getting a few new updates to how you’re notified of information during your run. For example, the watch will now vibrate each time you run an extra mile.

To check out the new Runkeeper Apple Watch app for yourself, head to the app Store. Of course, keep in mind that if you want to use many of the new features, you’ll need the Apple Watch Series 2 — the Series 1 doesn’t have GPS and therefor won’t be able to get location information.

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