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Airwheel's Folding Electric Bikes Provide a Compact Commute

Often the hardest part of commuting by bicycle is finding somewhere to lock it up. Even if you find a place, there is always that chance of someone swiping it. With the R5, you can avoid this problem altogether by it up and bringing it with you.

Don’t write this off as a simple compact bike. The R5 is a , smart bike that aims to make your commute as easy on you as it is on the environment. These features and more allow this bike to be one of the most forward-thinking examples of bicycle tech available.

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There are three modes to choose from while riding the R5. Like any traditional bike, you can pedal normally. By activating power assist, the electric motor will kick in to ease off about half the effort required. If you get to a big hill or simply wish to take a break, you can switch over to the electricity-assisted mode for the motor’s power.

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After roughly 60 miles of power assistance, the removable battery will need recharging. This can easily be done whether the battery is attached to the bike or not. The battery also features a USB port for easy charging of phones and tablets, A full charge of the Airwheel batter should grant you 70 full charges for your smartphone. This may come in handy since the bike can also connect to your phone through the Airwheel app. Here you can check your speed, position, battery, and more.

Eventually, all rechargeable batteries start losing their ability to hold a full charge. If this ever becomes a problem, batteries can be ordered separately without the need of purchasing a new bike.

These features alongside the foldable design make this one of the most practical electric bikes around. Currently, the Airwheel R5 is not on the market. However, you can contact their online support to request a sample unit for $400. More information should arrive at CES 2017 in January.

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