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'Super Mario Run' Is Available Now on iOS

Run, the franchise’s first foray into mobile gaming, is now available on devices.

Unlike the traditional Mario , which allow you to move the portly plumber back and forth as you jump over obstacles, defeat enemies, and collect coins, Mario Run relies on a simple auto-run system. Just tap the screen to make Mario jump onto platforms, over pesky Goombas, and even between vertical walls as he scales them to look for coin blocks in the clouds.

The game’s visual style matches the recent “New” Super Mario Bros. , and with the power of devices in 2016, it’s pretty much impossible to tell the difference between Super Mario Run and a Wii U Mario game, apart from the mobile-specific icons on the screen.

More: You will need a constant online connection to play Super Mario Run

A free version of Super Mario Run is available to download, but to access the game’s content, which includes a multiplayer mode as well as a “kingdom builder” tool, it will cost you $10. Your device will need to be online in order to play any of the game’s modes.

Jimmy Fallon had a chance to try the game out earlier this month on The Tonight Show, and even with his shaky, nervous hands, he was able to guide Mario to the end of an underground level. Super Mario Run is designed to be played using only one hand, giving you an opportunity to continue collecting monsters in Pokémon Go … provided that you have two phones.

Cancel your meetings. Tell your friends and family you’re sick and contagious. Lock all your doors. You’re going to be playing Super Mario Run all day today. If you have an Android devices, you’re going to have to wait. That version of the game is expected to launch at some point in 2017.

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