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LG Music Flow Line Gets Google Home, Chromecast Audio

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By adding support for Google Home and Chromecast wireless multiroom audio, 's Music speakers are finally on par with the competition.

We had a chance to look at ’s Music speaker system when it launched in 2015. The system aimed to compete with Sonos and other companies, but a mix of sync issues and a lack of certain features made it seem like the company had a way to go until it had a hit on its hands. That might be closer, as Thursday an employee announced in a forum post that not only was the company adding Chromecast multiroom audio to the Music Flow , but was also planning to integrate Google Home.

“We have prepared Google Multiroom functionality,” the LG staffer wrote. “During preparing for that, we also discuss with Google team about Link with Google Home device function. And, we decide to update two major functionalities, ‘Google Multiroom’ and ‘Link with Google Home device’ at same time.”

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While Google Home is fairly new, Chromecast wireless multiroom audio has been possible since the launch of the Chromecast Audio. Why exactly LG didn’t bring this feature to its Music Flow speakers earlier isn’t clear, but considering the issues we encountered during out time with the system, it’s possible that the company wanted to focus on one multiroom technology at a time.

Having more speakers available in your multiroom setup is definitely a nice thing, but the addition of Google Home support is the more exciting of these two new features. Once the feature arrives, it will enable voice control of playback, volume, and other features, making playing your favorite music throughout your entire home as easy as speaking a few words.

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There is no exact timing on when these new features will be coming to Music Flow speakers, but the LG employee wrote that a software update bringing both Google Home and Chromecast Audio support is expected to be released before the end of February.

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