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Ekster Smart Wallet is a Solar-Powered, RFID-Blocking Marvel

Why it matters to you

Your might be the most important thing you carry around with you, so of course you want it to be protected, trackable, and lightweight. ’s new product delivers on all counts.

You take it everywhere you go, so it better not weigh you down. We’re talking, of course, about your . Here to ensure that you have one that is not only slim but also secure is , the smart brand that partnered with Tile to launch a new -charged RFID-blocking smart . It’s a lot of functionality for a little pouch, and boy is it worth it.

Perhaps the most important part of the Ekster Wallet, however, is in its RFID-blocking technology. Because many credit and debit cards have RFID and NFC technology embedded in them, Ekster notes that they can be “activated and duplicated from a distance,” which can cause serious security issues. “People aren’t aware of how prevalent RFID skimming and data theft are — and with the Ekster Wallet, we are providing a trackable, secure and fashionable solution to these problems,” said Olivier Momma, co-founder of Ekster. Now, you don’t have to worry about someone skimming your credit card data when you’re walking about.

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With the new Ekster Wallet, you won’t have to dig around to access your credit card or ID. Simply click a button to pop out your needed piece of plastic, and when you’re done, you won’t have to worry about having to jam things back into a bulky getup. Better still, thanks to the Tile Smart Location Platform, you won’t have to worry about (permanently) losing your wallet. If you ever find that you’ve misplaced your valuables, simply ring your wallet or tap into the expansive Tile community (8 million of these guys have been sold) for help.

In order to keep your wallet energized enough to be tracked, the Ekster relies upon energy. “This smart wallet is the first ever -charged wallet. This means no wires, no clutter and no low battery,” said Richard Canneman, another one of Ekster’s co-founder. The Ekster Wallet requires just 3.5 hours of sunlight per month to offer tracking functionality. From there, you can connect it to a phone via Bluetooth and keep tabs on your money at all times.

“With Ekster’s second-generation wallet, we’ve created an alternative to the traditional bi-fold wallet, so our customers can enjoy the fastest card access to date in an even slimmer design,” noted Rick Scharnigg, an Ekster cofounder. So if you’d like an Ekster Wallet of your own, head over to Kickstarter and grab one at the early bird price of $25.

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