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Could Showtime Resurrect Dexter?

Fans of the popular series  know that while the show had a stellar run through its eight seasons, the ending didn’t quite live up to expectations. So it seems that it’s one program that’s ripe for a reboot. And that could maybe, possibly, happen. David Nevins, head of , recently admitted at the TCA press tour panel that is one old favorite that could be resurrected.

According to Inquisitr.com, Nevin noted that Dexter is the “one show” he would think about continuing. Not surprising, though, he said any type of reboot would have to involve Michael C. Hall, who excellently played the title character. “I would only do it with Michael,” he said. “It remains to be seen if they’re going to want to do it, if I’m going to want to do it.”

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Dexter followed the life of blood-splatter analyst Dexter Morgan who lived a double life and had a very dirty secret: He was a serial killer who, through the training of his now-deceased father (who appears in flashbacks, played by James Remar) learned to channel his needs for the sort-of greater good, and only kill those he knew were criminals and killers themselves. He was methodical and exacting in his killings, and no one was any the wiser of his late-night and extracurricular “hobby.”

Dexter’s fate (spoiler alert) was still left in question at the end of the series, as he seemingly drifted off into a new, monotonous, un-fulfilling life. But Nevin says if they were to proceed with a reboot/resurrection, it would be different, and not just a simple continuation. He did not, however, elaborate on how that might be achieved.

Perhaps, then, a spinoff? One based around the Dexter character, or maybe around one of his former victims and their surviving family? There’s also the option to follow the character of Hannah (played by Yvonne Strahovski), Dexter’s love interest and fellow serial killer type; or his young son.

Many believe that the show has serious reboot potential because its ending lacked something viewers all wanted: redemption.

Showtime hasn’t confirmed anything either way. But the fact that Nevin has even entertained the idea is great news for fans of the show who are looking for some much-needed closure.

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