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Giphy's New Sticker App for iOS and Android Takes Care of All Your GIF Needs

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GIFs are surely the best way to communicate, and now, you can do so more easily than ever with a new GIF app from .

No time for a GIF? First of all, who are you? But second of all, and more importantly, there’s a solution (even if it’s not a real problem). wants to make sure that everyone everywhere is capable of enjoying the distinct joy GIFs can bring (like nothing else really can), and it’s doing it by way of new GIF stickers.

Thanks to a new app creatively named Giphy Stickers, you’ll be able to search, download, and yes, even create your very own GIF-based stickers to share with others, or just keep to yourself for a laugh on a rainy day. The app, which is available on both Android and , is certainly an improvement over Imoji, a app Giphy acquired with very little fanfare at the end of last year. And now, we understand just what the company has been up to since making that mysterious purchase.

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Whereas previously, the Imoji app only allowed you to make and share unmoving images, the new-and-improved version a la Giphy allows you to create living stickers. You can make them turn, shake, sparkle — just about anything you want.

“Developers who want to bring sticker search to their apps will now have the easiest way to access the best content,” a Giphy spokesperson told Mashable via email. “Stickers are the ultimate quick mode of communication, and since Apple launched 10, they’re now an amazing way to annotate other content.”

This isn’t the first time Giphy has expanded its offerings, especially as they relate to text messages. Earlier in March, the platform debuted Artist Sticker Packs, which were 13 sets of GIF-esque stickers made specifically for iOS 10. Oh, and Giphy is also introducing a Stickers API for developers, which means you can expect even more moving stickers in the coming weeks and months. See what’s shaking already in the Giphy Stickers channel, and get ready to GIF up your life.

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