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Apple Could Soon Release A Smart Protective Case For The iPhone

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Want to keep your shiny new iPhone as safe as possible? may a case to help you do so.

has been making a number of efforts of late to make its iPhone more durable. The iPhone 7, for example, is the first iPhone to be water-resistant — which is a big deal. Now, however, a new patent hints at a new case that could make your device much more durable.

The case is interesting for a few reasons. For example, it seems it can provide feedback to the phone, so if the case isn’t properly secured, the iPhone will inform the user that extra steps need to be taken.

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According to the patent, which was discovered by Patently Apple, the case itself would be made from standard materials like plastic, silicone and perhaps some leather. As you might be able to see in the patent, the case would also have an electrical contact, which may be used to ensure that the case is properly attached to the phone. The case even has a small memory circuit and processor circuit, which could be used to run tiny programs pertaining to the case’s positioning.

It also looks like the case will have a latch mechanism, so you can take the case off and put it on with a simple screwdriver. That also helps ensure the case is secured when it is on the phone and that it won’t come apart if you accidentally drop your device.

Apple has been playing a bigger role in the production of iPhone accessories over the past few years and it launched a battery case with a large battery on the back. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues and if so, we could see things like completely waterproof cases, which would be helpful for those who have dropped a device in the bath or pool before.

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