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'Dragon Quest Heroes' on Switch is Bigger Than its Internal Storage

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Switch owners who wants to download all their should consider buying some SD cards.

With the release of the Switch just around the corner, it’s important to make sure everything is ready for launch day. The internal memory was already revealed to be a mere 32GB, but now has revealed just how far players will be able to stretch that before buying an SD card.

According to Nintendo Japan (via Kotaku), the required storage space for digital downloads of many of the Switch’s launch window titles has been revealed. A few of the smaller will fit perfectly fine on it, while others are going to push the system’s storage limits. And one game will require you to increase your console’s memory before purchasing.

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The total memory that   takes up is 32GB. While this looks like it should just barely squeeze in, the Nintendo Switch’s operating system and other necessary files eat into its internal memory. Currently, the game has only been announced for Japanese buyers, but it is unlikely that the storage requirements will change drastically.

Other downloadable game storage requirements include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at just over 7GB and Breath of the Wild at 13.4GB.

Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch can easily be upgraded as needed with microSDXC cards. These cards are supported up to 2TB of storage, even though these sizes are not yet available. Nintendo has assured customers that the console will support these bigger sizes as they become available. Other SD card formats will be supported as well.

To be clear, these storage requirements only refer to the downloadable versions of these games. Unlike disc-based games, the cartridges will not require any sort of installation on the console itself. This means that the internal memory of the Nintendo Switch will go a lot further if you plan to buy physical copies of games when available.

Regardless of whether you purchase physical or digital, it’s probably a good idea to put some money toward some extra storage.

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