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Nintendo Switch unboxing — Get a closer look at Nintendo's new console!

’s next console, the launches in just over a week. It’s time to start getting excited. We’ve already been putting the console through its paces, so we can give you the scoop in our review next week. In the meantime, we took to Facebook Live on Thursday to show off the console and some of it’s features. You may have missed it — it was kind of a casual, impromptu affair — but that’s ok. We held onto the video so you can take a look too.

There’s a lot going on with the hardware. With so many control schemes and components right out of the box, there are million things that could go right (or wrong). We talked about everything that’s in the box — the console, the joy-cons, the dock, the joy-con grip, the joy-con straps — as well as what isn’t in the box, like access to the eShop, ’s digital storefront, and a micro SDXC card.

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Also, we should let you know that we don’t talk about any in this video. That will come in another video on another day. If you want to know more about coming to the Switch, you can check out our rundown of all the that have been announced for the console. For now, we are totally, one-hundred-percent focused on the Switch itself. You want to know how the joy-cons feel in your hands? We talk about it. How’s the build quality? We’ll let you know about that too.

Still have some questions for us about the Switch? Ask away in the comments and we’ll let you know as much as we can.

The Nintendo Switch hits stores March 3. Keep an eye out for Digital Trends’ review of the console, coming soon.

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