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LG V30 Smartphone | News, Rumors, Features, and More

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’s V-series phones are just as much of a flagship device as the G-series phones, and the rumored V30 promises to be the most powerful yet.

’s V-series smartphones have evolved into the company’s flagships, more so than the G-series hardware, due to interesting unique and often stronger processors. The last model, the V20, only arrived in late 2016 so isn’t due for replacement just yet, but rumors of a so-called V30 are already starting to spread.

Here’s what we think we know about the LG V30 already.

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Secondary and design

Since the V10, LG has used a second above the main screen to provide additional information on V-series phones. A photo published on Slashleaks, allegedly of the V30’s front panel, shows how the dual-screen design might shake out this time around. At first glance, it doesn’t appear to be much different from its predecessors, though the two similarly sized circular cutouts indicate we may see a return to the V10’s dual front-facing cameras, after the V20 ditched those in favor of a single wide-angle lens.

While the secondary display has been expected to remain a feature of the V30, its functions may be different. Back in November, Twitter-based phone leaker @evleaks said he had seen an early render of the V30, and that the “ticker” screen would be different to the current versions. He didn’t elaborate on how, but did clarify that the secondary screen would remain, just in a potentially different capacity, rather than be removed.

Processing power

While LG opted to go with the Snapdragon 821 processor for its recently-released G6, due to supply problems with the newer Snapdragon 835, the situation is expected to change in time for the V30’s release later this year. A published on the Chinese social media site Weibo says the V30 will have the Snapdragon 835 inside, along with 6GB of RAM.

Audio performance

LG pushed the audio experience hard on the V20, which featured the world’s first Quad DAC in a , and special tuning from B&O on the international models. The V30 may also get some special treatment. The same Weibo source claiming the V30 will get the Snapdragon 835, also says an improved version of the DAC previously used in the V20 will feature in the new model.

This makes sense, as LG has announced an upgraded Quad DAC for the forthcoming LG G6 already, which may eventually also find its way into the V30. Whether it will be updated even further isn’t known at this early stage.

Release date and availability

LG announced the V20 in September 2016, so a sequel is highly unlikely to arrive before the same time this year. At the moment, it’s only being rumored for the second half of 2017. LG made the decision to restrict sales of the V20 to South Korea, the U.S. and certain other international regions, but shunned the United Kingdom. It has a chance to rectify its oversight with the V30.

Nothing about the LG V30 is official yet, so treat all the information here as speculation and subject to change. We’ll continue to keep you updated with all the rumors.

Article originally published on 02-17-2017 by Andy Boxall. Updated on 03-29-2017 by Adam Ismail: Added front panel leak.

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