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Link to Products Right Inside A Video With This New iOS App

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Social media users could start shopping right from videos on their Facebook and Twitter feeds if this new iOS app catches on, while creators could start earning extra cash.

Pinterest now allows users to shop from photos — but what if you could do the same thing with a ? That’s the idea behind Dubcandy, a new iOS app that allows videographers to add up to five affiliate links directly into their videos before sharing on Facebook or Twitter. Today’s U.S. launch of Dubcandy is also accompanied by Dubsuite, a more powerful iOS video editor than the ’s original Dubdub for 90-second music videos.

Using Dubcandy, users can tag up to five in their videos using an affiliate program such as Amazon’s. That brings a small popup during the selected segment of the video. Since the platform uses existing affiliate programs, viewer clicks to that product page will earn affiliate income just like a inside a web browser.

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The app also gives content creators access to more data, including how many viewers clicked through to that affiliate page, as well as attribution, intent, and other purchase data.

For now, Dubcandy only works on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the Dubdub site — the affiliate videos don’t work with YouTube at this point. The  says the Dubcandies have ten times the engagement of YouTube product links.

Dubsuite, in the meantime, has been created as a simple video editing app with more user control than exists with the developer’s Dubdub music video app. The iOS-only app allows users to add text, images, and rights-free music, along with direct shares to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

“Our vision at Dubdub is to fully empower creators by giving them tools to create high-quality, authentic, unsponsored content as easily as possible,” said Zbigniew Barwicz, President and CEO of Dubdub. “Within minutes of downloading the apps, Dubdub users can create and tag their beautiful videos with from popular retailers and get the video out to their audiences and start profiting without any complicated setup.”

Both apps also come with the announcement of a new New York studio space for video creators. Dubbed Dubloft, the Bryant Park studio provides technical guidance from videography experts.

Both Dubcandy and Dubsuite are available to download now for free at the app Store.

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