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Keep an Eye on the Front Door No Matter Where You Go with Dbell

Why it matters to you

Knowing your home is safe is a big relief. Dbell allows easy access to live video from anywhere, at anytime.

During a long trip or a busy workday, some people start to worry about what happens when they aren’t home. This is where a smart security camera comes in handy. These systems can be expensive, though, and Dbell Inc. is offering a cheaper solution.

The Dbell HD Live is a high-quality, yet affordable security device that shows who is at the anytime, from anywhere. As long as users own a smartphone, tablet, or , they have access to their video doorbell.

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To create a better video system, the Dbell combines many of the most desired features into one package. Owners are able to record their footage nonstop as they monitor any changes to their premises. Unlike their competitors, Dbell Inc. will allow this footage to remain in the cloud at no additional cost. The housing itself is built to withstand the sun, rain, wind, and snow. No matter the conditions, the Dbell will continue working throughout the year.

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Capturing the footage is a 160-degree wide-angle HD camera. If the ’s trim is concealing the view, a 30-degree mounting wedge will help it see more. After the sun goes down, the camera can continue recording, using built-in night vision, up to 15 feet away. When a visitor or intruder is near, a motion and audio sensor alert the owner, allowing them to interact with whoever is at the . All this is accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or as long as it uses the companion application.

Out of the box, the Dbell HD Live comes with the video doorbell unit, the mounting wedge, and an indoor chime. Aside from making noise, the indoor chime also acts as an internet access point or repeater.

For those interested, the product is available for pre-order on IndieGoGo for $129. The campaign has already raised more than eleven times the $10,000 it asked for. Shipments are expected to go out May 2017.

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