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VivaLnk's Fever Scout Tracks Temperature Over a Seven-Day Period

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If your child has a , the could easily help you keep track of their temperature over a seven-day period.

Regular thermometer not cutting it? , the company behind eSkin technology and the Digital Tattoo, is offering a smart alternative that continuously measures temperature.

The , which is placed under the arm, uses eSkin technology, which delivers “biometric data precisely and instantaneously without compromising comfort.” It looks like a flexible bandage, and it stays on the body thanks to “medical-grade” adhesives that are included in the box.

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Once you pair it with the companion iOS and Android app via Bluetooth, you can get continuous temperature updates for up to seven days until you have to recharge the device again. It charges through a magnetic docking station, which also doubles as a Bluetooth range extender up to 131 feet (in case you want to check the data from anywhere in the house).

One of the downsides is the data is only uploaded to the cloud if there’s a connected device nearby — meaning you’ll have to set up a phone or tablet at home to get temperature data from Fever Scout, which will then upload it into the cloud so you can access the data when you’re not at home.

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While Fever Scout’s design may look like it was made for children, the company says there’s no age limit on who can use it. It’s approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, and it’s available for purchase now from the product’s website and Amazon for $60. Eight adhesives are included, but you can buy more packs of eight for $8.

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