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Apple May Sell TV App Bundle Including HBO, Showtime, Starz

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If you’re looking for a way to get your fix of shows like game of Thrones without spending too much, this bundle could be your best bet.

In 2016, rumors were flying that was looking into providing a live streaming service along the lines of Sling , PlayStation Vue, or DirecTV Now. The company later put that idea on the back burner, but that doesn’t mean that is done with trying to make its way into your living room. Now, the company is looking into offering a bundle of premium pay- services, according to Recode.

The bundle will consist of at least three popular subscription-based apps: HBO, Showtime, and Starz. Apple already provides these apps on both the Apple and devices, but this bundle would presumably drop the price, drawing customers away from subscribing via other methods, like authenticating via pay-TV logins.

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Apple has yet to confirm or deny the , but that is par for the course for the company when it comes to rumors. HBO owner Time Warner, Showtime owner CBS, and Starz owner Lionsgate have all refrained from commenting on the . Whether the company is looking to include other channels in the bundle or possibly sell different bundles featuring a variety of channels remains to be seen.

While Apple may have suspended its live TV streaming plans, the company is actively pursuing viewers’ TV time. Last year the company introduced a TV app for both tvOS and devices aimed at being a central hub for watching movies and TV shows, and the company is moving toward producing its own original content as well. Offering a bundle of channels that customers often get access to via their cable or satellite subscription could possibly draw more viewers to Apple’s hardware and software services.

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Stand-alone pricing is $15 per month for HBO, $11 per month for Showtime, and $9 per month for Starz. What the company is looking to charge for the bundle is currently unknown.

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