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Hit the Slopes: 'Steep' Is Free This Weekend Across Consoles and PC

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There is no shortage of great coming out right now, but a free trial of ‘’ is hard to beat.

Once March rolls around, the skis and snowboards usually go into storage until the following winter, but Ubisoft is hoping you’ll keep the out just a little bit longer. Action-sports game will be completely free to play this weekend across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and .

Available for free from March 10 through 12 (and until March 13 at 1 p.m. ET on PlayStation 4), the trial gives you access to Steep in its entirely. Every slope, challenge, and editing option will be available for you to try, and Ubisoft has recently added additional content to the game via a free update. The region of Alaska is now available, featuring new areas to grind, new “spinelines” to find, and an updated editor mode that includes more camera angles. While it might seem like a small addition, Steep is essentially “GoPro: The game,” with its best moments often coming from shared content between friends. The update also adds two more invitationals and “urban features,” as well as a number of Alaska-themed gear items.

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One more platform is still due to receive a port of Steep: the Switch. Little is known about the Switch version’s content or its release date, but if it can realistically compare to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, it could be the perfect game to take on the go — perhaps to a snowy cabin retreat where the building lacks a television.

The Steep free weekend requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription on Xbox One and a PlayStation Plus subscription on PlayStation 4. During the trial, anyone wanting to purchase the game will be able to purchase it for up to 50 percent off on Xbox One until March 3 and on PlayStation 4 until March 20. The version will feature a similar discount on Ubisoft’s store until March 14.

We liked Steep quite a bit, calling it “the next best thing” to real snowboarding.

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