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Trianium Armtrek Pro smartphone armband deal: Only $10 from Amazon

If you can’t imagine ever being away from your , the idea of going running or hiking without your favorite music probably sounds impossible. However, simply letting the cable on your earbuds or headphones dangle freely while on the move is a recipe for a headache — or even a damaged phone.

There’s a dizzying number of armbands on the market to hold your , many of which feature an array of pockets, pouches, mounts, and other gizmos. If you’re looking for a simple and affordable solution, this Armtrek smartphone armband deal delivers at just $10 on Amazon.

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The Armtrek phone armband is resistant to water and moisture, and while you’re probably not going to take your smartphone swimming, you still want protection against sweat or rain when you’re outdoors. The pouch keeps your phone safe behind durable neoprene and a protective touch-sensitive screen cover that lets you use the touchscreen without having to stop and pull it out each time.

The flexible multi-size Velcro arm strap features two adjustment slots and is designed to fit any arm: Slip the strap through the first slot to size up to 8 to 11.5 inches, or the second for sizing 12 to 14 inches. The texture of the strap keeps the armband secure so it won’t slide around while you run. Located between the two slots is a handy pocket for storing your house key, and the phone compartment offers headphone jack and charging port cutouts.

’s Armtrek Pro phone armband is made to fit large smartphones like the iPhone 6, Samsung Note 7, LG G-series, and Samsung Galaxy phones. At just $10 from Amazon — an $11 discount off of its usual price — this smartphone armband deal comes just in time for warmer spring weather, when the great outdoors start calling.

$10 on Amazon

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