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Nerdy Art Gallery iam8bit Launches Game Soundtracks on Vinyl Piano Series

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’s video game soundtrack vinyl releases have become hot items for collectors, and Series 88 promises new spins on beloved scores.

Nerdy Los Angeles and marketing and art company today announced a new vinyl series, Series 88, that will feature video game soundtracks arranged and performed on piano. The first release is “Undertale on Piano,” featuring the music from the cult hit indie game Undertale. It’s available for pre-order starting today for $35 from iam8bit.com.

The record will feature “the best of the Undertale soundtrack” across two colored vinyls, “done via an immaculate & classy tickling of the ivories,” according to a press release. It’s a collaboration between iam8bit and Materia Collective, which have previously collaborated on vinyl releases of the soundtracks for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Undertale (in its original, non-piano form).

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“Undertale on Piano” is merely the first in an ongoing series of game-soundtracks-on-piano vinyls, iam8bit co-owner Jon Gibson confirmed. Undertale‘s original soundtrack was composed by the game’s creator, Toby Fox, while the piano version was arranged by David Peacock and performed by Augustine Mayuga Gonzales. The album art, which Gibson said was inspired by Saul Bass’s famous title designs for movies like North by Northwest and Psycho, plus “vintage jazz/piano albums from the 50s/60s,” is by Andy DeGiulio.

Undertale quickly earned cult hit status on its release in 2015, having been designed and created almost entirely by Fox alone. The game uses role-playing game conventions to turn the genre on its head, inverting tropes while simultaneously impressing players with a heartfelt story.

It’s a good choice for iam8bit’s Series 88. The company has previously worked on countless eclectic projects, from art shows like The Jerry Maguire Video Store to marketing stunts like a Logitech display made from 160 LED keyboards. Iam8bit also helped popularize the current trend of putting video game soundtracks on vinyl for collectors.

There are currently no hints concerning what game soundtracks might get the Series 88 treatment next, but with iam8bit it’s usually safe to dream big.

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