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Bayonetta PC Port Will Arrive Today With 4K Support

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If you didn’t play on the Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii U and don’t fancy dusting off your old console, now’s your chance to play a hack-and-slash classic on .

Get your high-heel pistols ready, because is making its way to PCs a seven years after its original release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The hair-slinging, gun-toting heroine and her unique abilities will be playable on starting Tuesday, and those with a powerful enough graphics card can enjoy the game in glorious 4K.

Although not necessarily one of the most well-known game developers, Platinum has created some much-loved classics over its near-decade of operation. It’s first game, Madworld was one of the most stylish (and adult) Wii ever released. Platinum was also behind Starfox and the recently canceled Scalebound. But the original Bayonetta has retained a strong fan base since its release in 2010, so this news will no doubt be a real pleasure for longtime fans.

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The original game received high praise for its action sequences and vertical battling, which is no surprise given that it was directed by Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya.

Those action scenes are preserved in the and should look better than ever thanks to its resolution bump. There is no guarantee that the will be well received. The last Platinum Games PC , Nier: Automata, drew a lot of complaints. Although its reviews are mostly positive, there are still many complaints about bugs and performance issues several weeks after its release.

Although it’s certainly possible that Bayonetta could run into similar issues if the is rushed, the fact that the game is much older should mean that it’ll be much less taxing on contemporary systems — even if users opt to bump it to 4K resolution.

The news of the Bayonetta PC release was supposed to come at the end of the countdown timer launched last week, but Engadget’s (now pulled) story was slightly ahead of schedule.

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