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'Star Wars Battlefront II' Teaser Trailer Leaks Early

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Fans won’t have to wait until Saturday to check out II, as the has leaked early.

The first teaser for Electronic Arts’ II has leaked ahead of its planned reveal this Saturday, and it appears that DICE has quite high aspirations for the first-person shooter. Not only will the game explore the recent sequels, but also the prequel trilogy and fan-favorite character Darth Maul.

“I still remember my last orders,” the narrator says in the teaser over footage of a massive explosion in the sky. “The day the real war began.”

Users speculated the narrator’s identity, with the two most common guesses being either Ciena Ree — a character from the novel Lost Stars — or Admiral Rae Sloane.

Elsewhere, we see a number of TIE Fighter zip through space, confronted, naturally, by the X-Wing ships made famous in the original trilogy.

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Unlike the original (rebooted) Star Wars Battlefront, the sequel will feature a campaign mode. The tagline for the single-player experience appears to be “the untold soldier’s story,” suggesting that it will be a wholly original narrative not directly lifted from one of the films.

Multiplayer battles will take place “across all eras” this time around, as well, instead of being limited to just the original trilogy. We see The Phantom Menace villain Darth Maul activate his double-bladed lightsaber, apparently to attack Yoda, and we’re also greeted to a quick shot of the sequel trilogy’s Rey and Kylo Ren.

The first footage of Star Wars Battlefront II wasn’t supposed to air until the Star Wars Celebration event in Orlando this Saturday. It’s unclear if anything else from the game was planned to be shown — with E3 just a few months away and the game’s launch date planned for this autumn, it’s likely that we’ll see gameplay sooner rather than later.

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