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Nier: Automata DLC Adds New Costumes, Music Tracks, and More

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Players looking to spice up their second run through : should definitely check out this downloadable content.

Square Enix has announced new downloadable content for : , just a few weeks after the game launched in March 2017. The package has been dubbed “3C3C1D119440927,” in keeping with the brawler’s focus on androids and their relation to humanity.

The will give players three new colosseums to take on, as well as a variety of new sub-quests. Mastery of these challenges will grant rewards, including a range of costumes, new music tracks, and various other pieces of equipment and cosmetic accessories.

Three of the game’s primary characters — 2B, 9S, and A2  — all receive costumes inspired by the predecessor to Automata, 2010’s Nier: Replicant. The trio are bestowed with the Revealing Outfit, Young Man’s Outfit, and Destroyed Outfit, respectively, but they have to be earned via success in the three new colosseums.

Other goodies include a hairspray item that can be used to select a new hair color for 2B and A2. There are also masks that provide unique on-equip effects, and special ammunition that changes the appearance of enemy bullets.

It’s interesting to note that while a lot of the content featured in this package is cosmetic, players have to actually spend some time with the game to unlock it for use. Even the new music tracks have to be obtained by collecting records.

Many were surprised to learn E3 2015 that a sequel to Nier was in development, as the original game was a decidedly niche title. However, the follow-up has been met with plenty of praise from critics, so there’s a good chance that Square Enix will attempt to extend the series even further.

The first DLC package for Nier: Automata is scheduled to release for both the PlayStation 4 and the . Square Enix has yet to announce a firm release date for the content, but it’s apparently coming soon.

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