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'Micro Machines World Series' Battle Mode Trailer Released

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is a great party title that if done right could flourish on the strength of its variety of online game modes.

The ’90s era miniature, multiplayer racing franchise   is set to make a comeback with Micro Machines Series. Originally announced three months back, we now have our first in-game which shows off the new battle mode, featuring the booming tones of British treasure Brian Blessed.

The last Micro Machines game was released as far back as 2006 and wasn’t particularly well received, but the franchise’s original run is well remembered by many. Codemasters will be looking to recapture that magic with Series, which features 12- online gameplay, four- local play, a variety of game mode options, and of course a wide variety of miniature cars to drive.

In this first we don’t get a look at the classic race and elimination modes, but we do see a new battle mode, which features a number of different weapon options and zany, traditionally tiny, maps to battle through.

Staying true to its miniature roots, the new Micro Machines battles take place across domestic locales such as garden sheds, dining tables, work benches, and in the chilly confines of a kitchen fridge. There are loops, flamethrowers, dangerously ‘hungry hippos,‘ shotguns, missiles, saw blades, volcanoes, Tesla coils, and more to contend with while you try to best your many human and AI opponents.

The trailer also showcased a couple of different game modes. While battle races will see players trying to make it around a track while blowing each other to pieces, there are also team-based capture-the-flag, territory, and death-match modes, on a total of 15 different maps.

Codemasters claims that each of the 12 car types on offer will have its own unique weapon systems, making for some strategic choices during selection, as well as adding to the madness that is the average Micro Machines experience. Each vehicle will also have customizable skins, with players having the option to use emotes and victory poses to solidify their victories.

Micro Machines World Series is set to arrive on June 23 on Xbox One, PS4 and . The U.K. release will feature announcements by the aforementioned Brian Blessed, so it’s possible we’ll see other announcer cameos in alternative territories.

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