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Ubisoft Reveals the Two New Heroes Joining 'For Honor' Next Season

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In addition to the new characters, season 2 of ‘For Honor’ will give players new opportunities to maximize levels of existing .

recently declared the Vikings the winner of the first season of For Honor‘s Faction War, and that means we are closing in on the second leg of the three-way battle. The perpetual battle between Knights, Vikings, and Samurai will reset on May 16, has announced. Two new characters will step onto the battlegrounds for the second phase of the war — Centurion and Shinobi.

Centurion is part of the Knights Faction, and will become the second Hybrid class fighter within the Faction, joining Lawbringer. Unlike Lawbringer, who uses a poleaxe, Centurion wields the classic gladius — a small dagger — fine-tuned for short range, quick flurries.

Shinobi is a member of the Samurai, and joins Orochi as an Assassin class type. Orochi has been a fan favorite since the game was in beta, so it will be interesting to see if people gravitate toward the new Assassin. Shinobi carries Japanese Kusarigama — two short, front-facing blades — perfect for making precise slashes. Like other Assassins, Shinobi will also be nimble on his feat, moving with more sleuth-like prowess than other classes.

Centurion and Shinobi will bring the total character count to 14, with a pair of additional promised in both season 3 and season 4 later this year.

Although season 2 starts on May 16, the new heroes will only be available to season pass holders on that day. All other users will have to wait until May 23 for the opportunity to unlock them. This falls in line with ’s original promise to give season pass holders timed benefits while simultaneously keeping the player base aligned in terms of playable characters.

Non-season pass holders will still have new content at the start of season two, though. Two new maps, Forge and Temple Garden, will be added to the game for free.

Additionally, Ubisoft is increasing maximum gear score, so any hero you have leveled up fully will have room for improvement. The change comes alongside a new tier of gear rarity dubbed Epic.

For their season 1 victory, Vikings Faction fighters were awarded a player ornament, a golden emblem outline, and five Scavenger Crates.

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