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First Full Trailer for 'Code Vein' Shows Off World and Combat

Why it matters to you Code Vein’s first trailer shows off a gorgeous, twisted world filled with deliciously strange enemies. Code Vein, publisher Bandai Namco’s upcoming action role-playing game that looks to continue the legacy of From Software’s legendary Souls series with a healthy dose of vampires and anime, certainly …

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Rumor: 'Modern Warfare Remastered' will Launch Separately Soon

Why it matters to you Modern Warfare Remastered is a great game that is hindered by its paywall, so a standalone release would certainly reinvigorate the player base. If a Gamefly listing that has since been taken down was accurate, a standalone edition of Modern Warfare Remastered will arrive this …

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Writer Chet Faliszek is Leaving Valve After 12 Years

Why it matters to you As one of the company’s most celebrated writers and VR evangelists, Faliszek leaving represents a real changing of the guard at Valve. Chet Faliszek, one of Valve’s longest-tenured employees and the writer for such hit games as Portal, Left 4 Dead and the first two …

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Quake Champions: First Impressions

For the second time in two years, DOOM developer Id Software is blending ’90s shooter ideas with modern trends to revive one of its classic franchises. After id Software’s extremely successful revival of Doom last year, the developer has moved to revitalize its classic multiplayer shooter series, Quake. Announced at …

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