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'Pokémon Go' Leak Hints at Massive Starbucks Promotion

Pokémon Go may have struggled to maintain its initial swell of popularity over the past few months, but at its peak the game was an obsession for millions of amateur trainers. Now, there’s evidence that a major effort to realize the game’s potential as a marketing tool is set to launch later …

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Apple Patent Hints At Foldable iPhone

It looks like Apple’s dream of one day creating a foldable phone isn’t dead just yet. The company has been granted a new patent for an iPhone that would be able to fold in half, and even grip onto your clothes — meaning you might not even need to put it …

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Apple Patent Hints at Curved-Screen Phone, Touch Controls

Apple and Samsung may be prepping for a Supreme Court brawl over which company’s smartphone designs “inspired” the other’s, but if a new patent application is any indication, that has not deterred Apple from potentially opening that can of worms wider. A filing by the iPhone maker in early August …

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Lenovo Hints The Moto Razr May Make A Return

Motorola Mobility, the smartphone manufacturer now owned by Lenovo, is really teasing us with a new video that strongly hints we’re about to see the return of a very popular phone — the iconic Motorola Razr. Set in a 90s school, the short video shows kids using the classic flip …

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WhatsApp Beta Hints at Imminent Addition of Video Calls

When it launched back in 2009, WhatsApp was capable of sending messages to other users and little else. Updates since then have extended its capabilities dramatically, and now there’s evidence that a potentially game-changing piece of functionality might not be too far off. A beta version of the Android app …

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