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The 40 Best iPhone 6 Cases and Covers

Apple’s iPhone 6 has proven to be another smash hit, with sales in the millions. But shortly after they hit the stores, they also began to hit floors and sidewalks as horrified new owners accidentally dropped them. The smooth, slippery finish isn’t necessarily made for those of us with butterfingers. You …

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iPhone SE: 10 Common Problems, and How to Fix Them

The iPhone SE takes the power of the iPhone 6S and places it into a smaller, more compact body that’s reminiscent of the iPhone 5. Despite merging an older design with newer hardware, the SE is a competent smartphone, and a great entry point for those new — or returning — to Apple’s iOS. …

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iPhone SE: News, Specs, Price, Release Date, More

The iPhone SE has long been offered as a low-cost iOS alternative for those that don’t want to shell out the cash for Apple’s flagship iPhone models. The device is basically a miniature version of the iPhone 6S when it comes to specs and features, and it shares the design …

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Apple iPhone SE Deal: Now Just $300 From Best Buy

Flagship smartphones seem to keep getting bigger, but the continued demand for more compact and pocket-friendly tech has kept devices like Apple’s highly-rated iPhone SE on the market. This handy phone normally costs around $400, but is now available from Best Buy for as low as $300. Just select which …

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iPhone Thieves are Attempting to Phish Victims

Why it matters to you Next time your iPhone goes missing, think twice about clicking any suspicious links from strangers. It’s bad enough having your iPhone stolen out of the blue, but it’s magnitudes worse when the thieves try to extract your personal information from it. According to Krebs on …

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