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WhatsApp Beta Lets You Pin Your Three Most Important Chats

Why it matters to you Your WhatsApp inbox can quickly become overwhelming, with hordes of messages pouring in from your many contacts. Pinned chats could help you keep things organized. You’re a popular person, so it’s no wonder that your friends are blowing up your WhatsApp. But let’s be honest: …

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Amazon Cash Lets You Deposit Your Paper Bills Online

Why it matters to you Ever want to buy something on Amazon with physical bills? Amazon Cash makes that possible. If you’ve ever wished you could pay for goods and services on Amazon in cash, good news: Now you can. On Monday, the internet retailer launched Amazon Cash, a new …

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Sprint Now Lets You Pay for Loved Ones in Latin America

Why it matters to you If you’re a Sprint subscriber and have a friend or relative in Latin America, you’ll soon be able to play for their plan. Sprint is making it easier for U.S. subscriber to stay in touch with loved ones in Latin America. On Thursday, the company …

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Gmail Now Lets You Send Money as an Attachment

Why it matters to you Gmail is making it easier to pay your rent. Now, it lets you send money via email. If PayPal’s Venmo or Google’s Wallet app didn’t suit your style, there’s a new way to beam your hard-earned dollars to roommates, friends, and favorite family members: Gmail. …

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