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Facebook and Microsoft to lay new internet cable to Europe

Facebook and Microsoft are teaming up to immerse themselves in an ambitious project to lay a high-capacity internet cable across the Atlantic. Announcing the plan on Thursday, the pair said the cable will help meet growing customer demand for high speed, reliable connections for their plethora of cloud and online services. …

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Microsoft Is Banning Your Lame Passwords

Some of us are very dumb when it comes to creating strong passwords, and Microsoft is sick of it. So much so that it’s banning certain passwords that it deems as too weak or easy to crack from being used at all. Microsoft explained in a blog post that it …

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Is Microsoft Finished With Windows Smartphones?

Microsoft is radically changing its mobile strategy, and not in a very positive way. The company has said it’s making 1,850 smartphone related jobs redundant, “scaling back” its involvement in mobile hardware, and according to one rumor ceasing to design and manufacture mobile phones entirely. The 1,850 job cuts are …

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Microsoft Releases Touch-Friendly OneDrive App

The platform-ification of Windows continues. Microsoft released a Universal Windows app for OneDrive today, complete with a touch-friendly interface for browsing files. OneDrive in Windows 8 featured a touch-friendly Windows Store app, included by default, but that disappeared with Windows 10. Microsoft’s renewed focus on the desktop meant OneDrive integrated …

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Microsoft Sells Feature Phone Business to Foxconn

It’s easy to forget that Microsoft makes cheap feature phones, a quirky inheritance it received in its $9.5 billion acquisition of Finnish company Nokia in 2013, but apparently not for much longer. On Wednesday, the Redmond-based behemoth signed a deal with FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn and HMD Globaly, to cede control of …

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