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T-Mobile Plans to Roll Out 5G Capability by 2020

Why it matters to you T-Mobile just spent $8 billion on 600 Hz spectrum. Unsurprisingly, it’s going to use it for 5G. Leave it to T-Mobile, the rebellious self-coined “Un-carrier,” to make waves in the 5G space. On Tuesday, the Deutsche Telekom-owned operator pledged to launch nationwide 5G network in three years, with …

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T-Mobile's New Plan May Discount the Price of Phones

Why it matters to you T-Mobile wants to make your next Android phone and iPhone cheaper, according to rumors. T-Mobile, the self-coined “Un-carrier,” has made a point of addressing wireless customers’ biggest pain points. Its Un-carrier Next launch saw subscribers refunded the taxes and fees they normally pay on top of plan prices. …

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T-Mobile Will Kick Off Earth Day with Free Trees

Why it matters to you T-Mobile’s actions and investments are designed to reduce its carbon footprint and make the Earth greener. T-Mobile wants to celebrate Earth Day with environmental — and customer — friendliness. This week, the self-styled “Un-carrier” inked a long-term partnership with a renewable energy company that it says will …

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Ultra Mobile Gives Customers Upgrades on Data Plans

Why it matters to you Paying for data, especially on monthly subscription plans, can get expensive pretty quickly. But Ultra Mobile wants to offer an affordable prepaid plan that can compete with the big dogs. Forget about what you think you know about prepaid phone plans. Ultra Mobile wants to …

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T-Mobile Spent a Massive $8 Billion inthe FCC's Latest Auction

Why it matters to you Your wireless coverage may soon get a lot better thanks to the FCC’s latest spectrum auction. The Federal Communications Commission’s Broadcast Incentive Auction has come to a close, with a hefty 175 TV stations getting payouts for giving up spectrum — spectrum that was in …

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T-Mobile Adds Free Roadside Assistance to SyncUp Drive

Why it matters to you Need a tow and have T-Mobile’s SyncUp Drive connected car service? You’re in luck. We live in a connected world. Our smartphones are connected. Our homes are connected. Even our car, the hunks of metal on wheels that ferry us around, are connected. That’s generally …

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