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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Issues Fixed With An Extra Wire

Why it matters to you Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con problems likely won’t be fixed with a software update, and it doesn’t look like they’re caused by your other electronics. Before the Nintendo Switch launched last week, reports began coming in that the system’s left Joy-Con controller was suffering from synchronization and …

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Switch Console Launch was Nintendo's Biggest Ever in North America

Why it matters to you Nintendo fans will be happy to learn that the new hybrid Switch console has overcome skepticism and become a hit with gaming fans. Nintendo Of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé confirmed that last weekend’s Nintendo Switch release was the company’s biggest console launch ever in North …

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Here's where you should go to buy a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch, launched March 3. After a holiday season where Nintendo consoles — namely the NES Classic Edition and 3DS — were nearly impossible to find, the Switch followed suit, with only a small selection of walk-in consoles available at retailers for those who hadn’t pre-ordered the system. …

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Nintendo Switch Dock Can Scratch the Console's Screen

Why it matters to you The Switch was just released and users are already finding some problems, including an easily-scratched LCD screen. Fans are coming up with solutions. If you own a Nintendo Switch, then you may want to take some precautions against scratches. Users are reporting that the dock …

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Nintendo Switch Adhesive Skin accessories May Cause Damage

Why it matters to you You might want to think twice before applying any stickers or unofficial adhesive skins to your Switch console or controllers after seeing these images. An accessory maker called Dbrand announced on Friday that it is canceling plans to sell adhesive skins for the new Nintendo …

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The Nintendo Switch Still Has Friend Codes, After All

Why it matters to you With the numerous modern design features of the Nintendo Switch, the return of friend codes is disappointing. The Nintendo Switch marks a huge turning point for Nintendo. Its interface and control scheme allow for play on both televisions and in portable mode. Its third-party support …

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